Passion Lies

by The Hermit Colony

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"Passion Lies" is a compilation of 12 LoFi Home Recordings from "The Hermit Colony" featuring an array of their early musical work. Mostly the album deals with the concepts of tortured love, love lost and love found... Highlight Tracks include, "Words Escape Me", "A Beautiful Mirror", & "Poets and Their Passion Lies (And Abstract Portraits of Goodbyes)".

This album is made available to you free of charge, however we will happily accept donations as we are saving money for our first full length studio album.


released May 7, 2013

All songs Written & Produced by Dustin Murphy
Vocals, Guitar, & Programming by Dustin Murphy
Additional Vocals by Ashley Harris



all rights reserved


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The Hermit Colony Los Angeles, California

The Hermit Colony is an Indie Rock Band from Southern California featuring music by singer/songwriter Dustin Murphy.

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Track Name: Words Escape Me
She said "This isn't right, but I need to warn you".
But I just can't listen to the warning signs about you.
I stand by your side on the stage
what a brilliant performance limelight dissolves the cage
but this is not a cage because I'm free in front of everyone to show
that it's you and me.

This is just a rumor, but your eyes give away the truth
you're gonna spoil her innocence. If she's your last trace to your youth
just don't leave any proof.
Are you sure you can trust her.
Censor all the self-control you can muster
and touch her skin
You want to reach out and feel her, dip your toe right in.

Now I know you are in love with me
and that gives me a sense of safety
but I could use a dose of bravery
if I'm to say the words that I know will escape me.
Track Name: Crushes & Lovers
I don't what love is.
I don't know if I want to know what love is.
Crushes and Lovers never stick to one another.

I've never felt this numbness.
I've never felt sure that this numbness would last.
Crushes and Lovers hold on to one another.

The one difference
was the difference between you and me was too vast
and we were moving too fast.
Crushes and Lovers
Hold on to One another
It will fade, it will pass
but give each other's hearts one more chance.

We're everywhere at the same time
We're everywhere we'd like to be at the same time.
Crushes and Lovers never stick to one another.

The only feeling I'm feeling is the movement through the grass
in the summer that couldn't last.

The only movement is the movement away from the past
and your picture on my wall is gone at last.
It will fade it pass, but give each other's heart one more chance.
Track Name: Fire In Fantashia
Imagine as you stare out the car window
A vision in the light-speed of snow
And it’s a face you’ve never seen before
But you’re sure it could be real.

In the hidden corners of the small towns
There is the fantasy hidden from the crowds
Will this time last? The fantasy almost within grasp
At last the ember’s light has cast

Cast it’s glow against her skin
She knows even though his house is filled with smoke
That’s made him old, old, old
That she can teach him to breathe
She thinks, “He’s lit the fire in me.”

Every other boy’s been just a ghost
Every ounce of time you make the most
Unbelievable reality
Mixing with unspeakable fantasy
Neither one afraid to be sappy
No, no, no they’re happy…

She’s cast her glow against his skin
He know that even though his house is filled with smoke
That’s made him old, old, old
That she can teach him to breathe
He thinks, “She’s lit the fire in me.”
Track Name: Simplicity
She was a beautiful mimic
a chameleon of thought
just a mirror into your heart.

The reflection's beating
but what's behind
the alloys of her mind?

polished stone
birthed from the heart of a volcano.

Cliche dormancy
like walks on the beach
in January where it doesn't freeze.

Or early airport lovers
strangers to the passersby
mistaking their story for a temporary goodbye.

Is that why you held so tight
said you didn't want to leave
knowing it couldn't all work out this easily

Better to break our fancy dreams to the seams
they fall apart
then to break each others hearts

You are happy with your life
is the fable of the ages
and my lie is that I'm not.

Is that why I held you so tight
said I didn't want you to leave
now all I've got leave is my curiosity.
Track Name: Crania Britannica
Track Name: Camden Town
What remains of the day
now that we've slept it all away.
Cobblestone all along the banks
with Banksy in our bags
and the wind blown umbrellas
hand upon your head all bowler clad.

Johnny Crack & Flossie Snail
and the Subculture Kids
give the kindest strangers samples.
They fill you to the brim.
Leftovers left on a bench
left to barter and to bid
for survival from the wicked beaks
scavenging to be filled.

Here your pockets are heavy with the Queen
counting change to the peasant on the street.
Hell is three floors down where they let the dirty things lay
and escalators return you to the sunlight and what remains
what remains of the day.
Track Name: Too Young to be Ben Gibbard
What makes him give it all up for perhaps a smile?
What is it after six months that makes him finally give up and go back and hide?
Why is it such a short time?

Along the way, several times the paths have changed
Plans were made and given up, feeling rough around your edges and no one can see inside except the ones you just want to hide from.
Disguises are piling up
until you find yourself wondering where it is you came from.

Relationships like vacations a break from the unpleasant truth
anytime you pour yourself your own courage and set up your own kissing booth
Truth, there is always some warning sign you chose to ignore
not knowing is worse than knowing she doesn't love you forever-more
call her the whore
but you know, you'd give it all up, not for money, but for something that resembles love.

You're too young to completely give up
there are so many older, alone and with colder hearts
who've eventually found someone
but to them, could it have been just anyone?
No longer just looking for just anyone.
Track Name: Poets and Their Passion Lies (and Abstract Portraits of Goodbyes)
I paint my perfect picture
Tell you how our story will be told
Two souls with hearts of gold
Love will watch over us as we grow old.

If you'd only fit in my frame
it's not that I wanted you to change
I was only wishing that you were someone else who already saw things my way.
That's to say a soulmate, not just another portrait of a lover
Painted after she's gone away.

I'll escape into my canvas
paint a perfect portrait of balance
chance meetings and bad habits that she's seemed to cure.
Add it all up to coincidence, why it's just the smeared fingerprints of an abstract goodbye.

The truth is retreating while the critics find the meaning
yet the poets see through their passion lies
I will no longer be defending the way we were pretending
that I matched you projection of the ultimate in perfection
as even if that exists.
Track Name: A Beautiful Mirror
I can only imagine the cold drive home
A pleading voice at the door ignored no more
indirectly unmask this china doll war.
Because with these words I guess there comes a little explantion
which you obviously think you deserve more than me
I can't avoid this speech as its bounces off the silence in between
what makes up honesty and the mystery you'll alway be, you'll always be.

Let's skip the romance, skip the fun jump straight to the cold hard facts.
I peer out my shutters. Feel the frantic peaceful panic attack.
Is it the season that makes you act this way?
You always say another Holiday is just like any other Goddamn day
They ring the bells and hang the holly and you sink as the music plays

I don't hold anything against you
I just can't hold you against me.

It's a sacrifice I'm not willing to make.
My happiness for your sake.

Does life feel like a tragedy
I know that you just can't see
when your so close to your mirror
Take a step back, things would look clearer
What a beautiful big picture that is you.
I think you'd find your beauty in places other than where
you run your fingers through the different colors of your hair
You could stare yourself straight in the face
and all the panic would be replaced.

She has such a beautiful mirror.
Track Name: Dust & Ash
Mistaking passion for angst, never could turn on the brakes
but why would I want to why would I want to now?
In the angst-less easylove isn't so breezy now

You don't know me, I don't know you, but I know you so well
and the separation only makes the passion swell
into unbelievable heights evermore, much more than the nights could tell!
I never thought it could fit this well with no pressure,
no pretending to be something that passes the time in-between.
Well that's you a me…

Wandering In the woods. Finding the words
That make us feel understood.
Dust and Ash.

Dust and Ash, Ash and Dust
All we are and what was
all because we were on the eve
of returningto the garden of eden
and finally find our reason
and excuses for breathing
suffocate the snake
and dance to every beat that we could make!

All I want is everything is that too much to ask
of the Gods or anything or anyone…
Everything that would make you happy
everything that fill my smile
Everything that I've never found sadly
everything that we would deserve in our life.
Cry Love! Take my ribs, your pillow
Love is the dust in our eyes
Ash is past that was our present unwrapped

Half and half, whole and whole
make one, make two twice as strong!